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Tea Business Seminar

Is There a Tea Business in Your Future?

“Reading the Leaves: Learning the Ropes of Tea Entrepreneurship”

Before you spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars creating your dream tea business, learn from some of the most experienced tea business pros. They can help you hone your ideas by answering questions that you might not think of asking. Our team is steeped with global diversity, decades of experience and a passion to support new tea entrepreneurs. 


Have you ever thought of starting your own tea business? Where do you begin? Who do you call? What books do you read? How do you know if it's right for you? 

We've created a full 2-day program (1-day option) with an intense focus on most of the questions you should be asking yourself. And what are the best resources in the specialty tea industry? Think of this as a roadmap for how to know if you could become a tea entrepreneur.  

Sat. 21st Oct, 8am-6pm
Sun. 22nd Oct, 8am-5pm

Full Program - 2-day Class  $199

  • 6 Business-focused Classes

  • Additional Q&A sessions with tea professionals

  • Free time to shop with the vendors

  • Super Swag Bag - Industry tea samples

  • Class Binder with pre-printed notes & resources (2 days)

  • Networking Party on Saturday evening (additional admission fee with discount applies)

Single Day - 1-day Class $129

  • 3 of Business-focused Classes

  • Additional Q&A session with tea professionals

  • Free time to shop with the vendors

  • Super Swag Bag - Industry tea samples

  • Class Binder with pre-printed notes & resources (1 day)

Pre-Festival Videos-On Demand (1st-28th, Oct)

  • What’s Your Why?  Pre-recorded conversations with festival vendors, speakers and some other tea professionals who share their stories and what motivated their first tea business and what keeps them devoted to Specialty Tea.

  • Creative Diversity in the Specialty Tea Industry  A powerpoint presentation with voice over discussion about how many different kinds of tea business options you can consider.

Registration, Meet & Greet, Tea Tasting

 (Babette Donaldson & Nicole Burriss) As we gather, tea wholesalers will supply us with samples to sip and consider which teas are the best fit for your business idea + Daily Quiz Game with small prizes

The 10 Most Important Things You Need To Know Before Opening A Tea Shop

(Sharyn Johnston, Australian Tea Masters) - Sharyn has coached hundreds of beginners in the launch of their shops in more than ten different countries. She continues to follow and support them. In this session she will share her observations from first-hand experience. 

Partnership Businesses; Co-Locating With Compatible Businesses

 (Alex Jackson) Consider some of the challenges and opportunities to share a location and community of loyal customers. 

Social Media & Content Creation

(Cody Wade, The Oolong Drunk) What makes good content for your social media? Which platforms are the most valuable investments of your time? How can you motivate employees and customers to help your social media plan?


One last opportunity to quiz Tea Pros with your most pressing questions.

Meet The Farmers

(Akiko Ono, Nishchal Banskota, Shalini Agarwal, Shang)

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