Are You a Master Blender? (90 minute Workshop) by Tim Smith of The Tea Smith

  Want to try your hand at mixing different varieties of herbs and loose leaf teas to create a unique, one-of-a-kind flavor? This class will introduce you the art of tea blending. You’ll learn the importance of tasting ingredients, selecting harmonious and balanced ingredients, understanding why some blends work and others don’t.  Participants will work in pairs to create their own original blends and take them home!

sold out -Brewing Workshop: How to Use Gaiwans (60 minute Workshop) by Suzette Hammond of Being Tea

  The gaiwan (“lidded cup”) and the teapot were developed around the same time in ancient China, and yet the gaiwan has been much slower to catch on in tea cultures outside of Asia. It’s a style of brewing that can seem complicated at first, but is actually super flexible and fun with just a bit of practice! In this interactive brewing workshop, come learn how to brew tea with this most classic of tea preparing pieces. We’ll explore the unique benefits of this method, types of gaiwan, and appropriate teas to consider brewing with this vessel.

sold out -Cha Dao Tea Ceremony (90 minute Workshop) by Rachel Daley of Cha Dao Chicago

  The preparation and sharing of tea has been ritualized throughout the world, though all major traditions share the values of respect, tranquility, and purity, among others. Just as one might use sound or movement as a focus for contemplation, tea facilitates physical awareness, stillness, and community. Guests will gather and enjoy tea in silence, with instruction in tea ceremony and The Way of Tea to follow. Tea ceremony is an easily adaptable enrichment to daily life, and an excellent starter point for people who seek more mindfulness in everyday rituals. Guests will enjoy a meditative community experience, while learning skills and insights that can deepen their own contemplative practice and their appreciation of tea's rich history as plant medicine. Please note: Guests are asked to sit on the floor, though accommodations will be made for all. Cushions will be provided.

sold out -Cooking with Tea: How to Infuse into Your Recipes (60 minute Workshop) by Marlys & Alan Arnold of Adventures with Tea

   By incorporating tea into recipes, you infuse them with both flavor and health benefits. In Asia, they’ve been cooking with tea for centuries, but it’s only beginning to catch on in America as chefs at some of the top restaurants are experimenting with it.
    And while many people are familiar with green tea smoothies, matcha powder baked goods, or tea-poached eggs, that’s only scratching the surface of what’s possible.
    In this session, we’ll explore basic techniques for infusing your favorite teas into everything from main dishes to desserts. You’ll discover examples of each technique, and we'll have some treats available for sampling. You'll also leave with copies of recipes you can make at home.
    Alan & Marlys Arnold, owners of Adventures with Tea, have been cooking with tea for nearly two decades and have developed hundreds of tea-infused recipes. They’ve published many of them in their eMagazine and blog, taught cooking classes, and are also the authors of the Tea Explorations Journal.

Elegant Chinese Tea Serving Table Set Up in 10 minutes! (60 minute Workshop) by Dr. Sally Wei of Jing Si Books & Cafe

  It is said that the Gong Fu Style brewing is the preferred method to taste fine teas. However, the equipment involved and the perceived complexity of preparation often intimidate many tea lovers. Come and learn how to prepare an elegant Chinese tea table setting step-by-step with guaranteed success!  When orderly done with this method, you will soon see how easy it is to arrange the necessary utensils and create a simple yet effective atmosphere “Gong Fu” Style!

Exploring Green Teas: Origin, Types & Processing Techniques (60 minute Workshop) by Emilie Jackson of Emilie's French Teas

  Green tea is becoming more and more popular in our Western countries, yet Asian countries like China and Japan are the one who drink more tea per capita. In the workshop we will explore the different type of green teas that exists around the world, their origin and procession techniques that exists. You’ll get to taste different type of green teas (Steamed vs Pan Firing and more).

Gongfu Brewing 101 (90 minute Workshop) by Rie Tulali of Tea Curious

  This fun, interactive workshop is for anyone who wants to take their tea brewing to the next level. Gongfucha simply means “tea made with effort”, and is a highly personal and rewarding way to make tea. Learn how to use a gaiwan to get the most out of your tea leaves, and gain experience with intuitive brewing, allowing you to brew almost any tea with confidence.

sold out -How to Matcha: Technique & Tasting (90 minute Workshop) by Suzette Hammond of Being Tea

  This emerald green Japanese tea has truly won hearts in cafes and tearooms across the country. In this tasty session, experience different types of matcha (ceremonial, culinary and daily enjoyment grades) and how to distinguish poor quality/freshness from excellence. Through hands-on whisking, you’ll also learn the key points of how to prepare matcha, plus get familiar with the essential tools for the practice. Come get blissed out and energized with matcha!

sold out -Intro to Professional Cupping (90 minute Workshop) by Suzette Hammond of Being Tea

   What's it like to be a professional tea taster? In this hands-on class, get up close and personal with a challenging variety of teas and origins, using the professional standards for brewing, tasting and describing tea. See how cupping can be used as the ultimate teaching tool, while also gaining a deeper perspective behind the complexity of tea sourcing. Session includes a cupping set for each attendee to take home to continue to practice their new cupping skills. This happens to be one of Suzette’s very favorite topics and every single session, every year, is a unique, different set of teas. If you came last year, come prepared for new teas this time!

  Before launching Being Tea, Sooz was on the board of directors for the Specialty Tea Institute, involved in education and training with Peet's Coffee & Tea, Adiago Teas, Paper & Tea, and Rishi Tea. She is an advisory board member to the World Tea Academy, and has led workshops at both World Tea Expo and Northwest Tea Festival. Suzette is also the winner of the 2018 Best Tea Educator award at World Tea Expo. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from her at Midwest Tea Festival this year!

sold out -Intro to Tea Meditation (60 minute Workshop) by Suzette Hammond of Being Tea

  If you’ve ever felt soothed by the warmth of a cup of tea, you have felt the power of what tea can do for your well being. In this workshop, learn how meditating with tea calms the mind, grounds the body, and connects us to our senses. We’ll explore what a tea meditation practice looks like, discussing details like setting up a space at home, scheduling, items you may wish to use, and appropriate teas to consider. This workshop includes both lecture and guided meditation exercises. Appropriate for aspiring, beginner or experienced meditation practitioners.

Japanese Chanoyu Tea Ceremony Demonstration (90 minute Workshop) by Paula Winchester of Paula Winchester Enterprises

  During this workshop, Paula will demonstrate a full Japanese Chanoyu tea ceremony. Students will have the opportunity via a drawing to participate in the ceremony as guests. Each student will receive a small traditional Japanese sweet. Participants in the ceremony will also receive a bowl of matcha. If you would like to enter the drawing to be a guest at the ceremony, you must wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to sit on a pillow on the floor cross legged or with your legs out to the side (not sticking out straight) for 45-60 minutes. You will need to remove your shoes - Paula will provide a clean pair of socks. Be prepared to drink highly caffeinated ceremonial matcha. You must also arrive about 10 minutes prior to the workshop to enter your name in the drawing! NOTE: This workshop ends 30 minutes after the event closes for the day so plan your shopping accordingly!

Like Fine Wine: Aged Teas (90 minute Workshop) by Rie Tulali of Tea Curious

   Some of the best teas in the world aren't picked fresh from the bush, but carefully aged over time, allowing them to develop incredible depth and sweetness. Explore the effects of age on tea with a tasting of aged white, oolong, and pu'erh teas.

sold out -Masala Chai: A Tea Blend Steeped in Rich History (60 minute Workshop) by Emilie Jackson of Emilie's French Teas

  In the 1830s, the British became concerned about China and its monopoly on tea, which at that time was a precious commodity used as currency all around the world. The British found a way to grow a new varietal of the Camelia Sinensis named after the region of its production Assam, India (Camelia sinensis var. assamica) in order to compete with China’s power. That is where the Masala Chai history starts…

  In this workshop you will learn how Masala Chai or “spiced tea” became the national beverage in India and learn how to make it home to delight your taste buds.   

Pairing Tea with Food (90 minute workshop) by Brenda Hedrick of Anna Marie's Teas

  Like any other fine indulgence tea has unique properties. Stimulate your tastebuds as we pair various teas with different varieties of cheeses and chocolates. Each pairing will make the properties of the tea shine in different ways. Come find your favorite pairing!

sold out -Seasonal Energetics of Tea (90 minute Workshop) by Suzette Hammond of Being Tea

  Everything in our life shifts with the seasons – shouldn’t our tea practice, also? Building on the basic concept of incorporating mindfulness with tea, this workshop will teach you how to choose teas for practice to fit your unique, individual needs through different times of the year. Through comparative tasting in guided meditation, experience the basic energetic properties of a range of teas – qualities like warming or cooling, grounding or energizing. Appropriate for aspiring, beginner or experienced meditation practitioners. 

sold out -Taiwanese Oolong Tasting (60 minute Workshop)by Dr. Sally Wei of Jing Si Books & Cafe

  Taiwan is proud of its famous Oolong and many other lesser known teas. Do you know why “Pao Chong” teas are wrapped in paper? How many “rollings” does Alisan High Mountain tea require? Why do Taiwan’s black teas grow near the Sun Moon Lake? Come and taste the most beloved teas of the most mountainous country in Asia and learn why they are so treasured by the Taiwanese people.

sold out -Tea + Brewing: In Depth Beginner's Course (90 minute Workshop) by Suzette Hammond of Being Tea

  Maybe you’ve taken a Tea 101 before, only to get home later and realize… how am I supposed to MAKE this tea?? Tea knowledge and technique go hand in hand, one and the same. In this hands-on workshop, learn all the important details of tea – what it is, where it comes from, how various types are different – plus how to functionally make good tea happen in your home or office, easily and every day. Appropriate for complete beginners, as well as for current tea drinkers looking to make deeper connections to other types of tea or improve their brewing skills.

Tea Processing Demonstration (90 minute Workshop) by James Orrock of Single Origin Teas

  Join us for a small demonstration on turning freshly harvested tea leaves into a processed black tea. This presentation will use freshly grown tea leaves from Florida's Waverly Estate, and tea leaves/weather permitting, a chance at rolling your own tea leaves too!

sold out -Traditional Afternoon Tea with a Botanical Twist (90 minute Workshop) by Penelope Beache of the Botanical Tea Room

   Add radiant beauty and taste to afternoon tea with vibrant herbal infusions, edible flowers, and sustainable ingredients. This is a creative workshop designed to cultivate inspired visual and taste experiences. The hands on portion includes tea sandwich making, working with herbal infusions and edible flowers for vibrant and alive presentations. 

   Penelope is the founder of the Botanical Tea Room. She serves sustainable Afternoon Tea on her remote farm in MO. Here she makes the bread and produces many of the ingredients including farm-fresh eggs. Her Afternoon Tea business is a zero waste facility. The Botanical Tea Room is a sustainable farm with vintage charm and a Member of the Slow Food Alliance Chef. They take pride in preserving the Afternoon Tea ritual as it is too valuable to lose.