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Sherman Tylawsky
Tea Stories that Shaped America
 May 8th, 10:30-11:15AM
Tea has had a significant impact on American history and culture, but what about the stories of American tea drinkers and tea-related events that have helped shape America since its founding? Learn more about how some of these American tea stories have defined the history and identity of the United States for generations to come.

Sherman Tylawsky is the founder of The George Washington Institute (GWI), host of the Friends & Fellow Citizens podcast, and an aspiring statesman. He is a young professional working to build a career of public service in congressional politics and national security policymaking. With an early love for American history, Sherman founded GWI to bring historical lessons of leadership back to contemporary life in America. By sharing riveting stories of leadership in American history to countless audiences, he aims to galvanize current and future generations of citizens and inspire others to become effective leaders. In addition to his professional speaking for GWI, Sherman runs his podcast Friends & Fellow Citizens to moderate civil discussions about current events and connect American history with contemporary issues. He is currently writing a book and conducting research on some of America’s most historic episodes of presidential leadership. Sherman is also a prospective Political Science PhD student at the University of Alabama and will begin his research there in Fall 2022.


May 8th
Courses Introductions


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Dr. Sally Wei 
May 8th, 11:45A-12:30PM
Guests participating in Musicali-TEA classes will learn fundamentals of choosing and brewing high quality teas. Patrons will also taste exclusive artisan-quality hand-picked teas – including premium Taiwanese Oolong and Black varieties, of which Dr. Wei is a recognized expert. A demonstration of the traditional Chinese Gong Fu Tea or popular Western style brewing will be presented. Attended guests will also be guided through the process of properly brewing and tasting the “tea of the day.” After learning about the tea, guests will then enjoy listening to the carefully chosen music, its musical stories, and historical background.

Sally Wei is an accomplished classical pianist and holds a Doctorate in Musical Arts. As musicians strive for perfection, Sally found equal passions in her enjoyment of tea and is a Certified Tea Sommelier. Trained in Taiwan and England, Sally embraces these two tea cultures through the philosophy of “Jing Si” (Still Thoughts) in the understanding, preparation and enjoyment of the blessings of Tea. Sally Wei is an acclaimed speaker and instructor at Tea Events and Festivals throughout N. America and Asia. Dr. Wei is the Founder of Sally’s Parlor in Santa Rosa, CA from which she hosts tea education events and offers some of the world’s best teas to clients around the USA.

Mimi Lee
Special Tea Experience - Chinese 
May 8th, 12:45-01:30PM
This class includes a brief overview of the Chinese tea history and its influence on the Chinese people. A pre-tasting meditation is guided by the instructor to experience the calmness of a Chinese tea ceremony. Participants will learn how to arrange for a tea table, how to perform a tea ceremony, how Chinese sip their teas and how to make a proper offering of tea to your guests. Participants will depart with a bag of tea samples and treats to practice at home for what they have learned in this class.

Mimi Lee was born in Taiwan where she adapted the tea culture at a very young age. A certified Jing Si Tea instructor, Ms. Lee has been sharing her passion for tea with many students since 2008. Her students include children from age 3 to seniors at 90 years old. She enjoys making tea daily for her family, which in her view, is the best way to bond. Ms. Lee lives in Austin, TX with her husband and their dog. Her sons and their families live nearby.
Emilie Jackson
Special Tea Experience - French
May 8th, 01:45-02:30PM
The French Art of Tea: Tea is as Fascinating and as complex as wine Tea is the second beverage drank in the world after water. More than 120 countries have a culture and tradition around tea. France is not the exception. Tea arrived in France in the early 1600 a few decades before Great Britain. History and special events like the French Revolution are some of the few reasons why tearooms struggled to survive in France. Learn how tea nearly disappeared in the country of wine and how since the 1900 and even more so since the 80’ how tea is getting a comeback in French culture.

After working in International Business and Marketing for over 15 years, Emilie decided to pursue her dream of starting her own business. Always interested in natural healing and herbalism, Emilie first experienced Traditional Medicine when she moved to Mexico City in 2005. In 2010 she met her husband Alex in Guatemala and a year later moved to the United States. Emilie has a passion for cultures, traditions and rituals from around the world — especially tea rituals. She describes tea as being “as fascinating and complex as wine.” Visitors to the French Tea Room quickly find out that her enthusiasm for the Art of Tea is contagious. In a recent magazine article, Emilie talks about how her interest in tea began and describes the health benefits of tea rituals. Originally from France, Emilie speaks English, Spanish and French fluently. She has lived in five different countries, including Portugal, England, and Mexico, where ancient healing traditions are still alive. In addition to experience in healthcare and complementary and alternative medicine, she is also a Shamanic Ordained Minister.

Nicole Burriss
Korean Teas
May 8th, 02:45-03:30PM
Korean teas have been fairly difficult to find, especially in the US, until the past few years. Come taste these unique teas and find out what makes them different than other teas. Nicole Burriss of Taste All The Tea will lead you through a quick history of Korean tea, share some tidbits about Korean tea culture, and give your tastebuds a tour.

Nicole Burriss, owner of Taste All The Tea, is a Kansas City native. She grew up with Lipton iced tea and didn’t really think much about tea until her eyes were opened at an afternoon tea party. Taking a deep and obsessive dive into teas of all kinds led her to found the Midwest Tea Festival and the Chicago International Tea Festival. After several years of calling tea lovers to Kansas City to celebrate tea and tea cultures, she passed both festivals on to other organizers and started a partnership with Australian Tea Masters. She is currently the US wholesale distributor of Australian Tea Masters line of Korean teas.
The Daughters of the British Empire
Special Tea Experience - English
May 8th, 03:45-04:30PM
Tea isn’t just a drink. In Britain, it’s a way of life. Join us for a class, a cuppa, and a wee snack at the British (English) tea presentation. We’ll teach you etiquette, but we’re not stuffy. We’ll teach you history, but we’re not boring. Learn how tea was discovered, and the fascinating way it travelled, legally and illegally, to become the world’s most popular beverage. Learn how to make the perfect cup of tea and learn how to understand how tea—morning, afternoon, and evening —is a way of life.

Debbie Holladay has living in the USA for 37 years and has been a member of Daughters of the British Empire for 31 years. Born in Wiltshire, England to an English Mother and Scottish father. Debbie is Commissioner for England with the Ethnic Enrichment Commission and has worked with the Midwest Highland Arts Fund for 22 years, a Scottish Bagpipe and Drumming competition and Workshop held here in Kansas City. Debbie loves to share the Arts and Education of the United Kingdom.

Mary Hawks has been a member of Daughters of the British Empire for 35 years. A devoted Anglophile and Beatlephile, Mary loves to talk about all things British. Mary’s Welsh grandparents came to the US in 1900. She has Welsh, Irish and Scottish ancestry. A former English and Journalism teacher, Mary has given many presentations on tea and its history, and always likes to share her knowledge of Blighty and beyond.

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