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Matt Beat 

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Matt Beat is a high school social studies teacher, video producer, podcaster, and musician based out of Kansas. He has taught various subjects in the classroom from grades 7-12. His YouTube channels, Mr. Beat and The Beat Goes On, have accumulated more than 430,000 subscribers and 80 million views, helping expand his "classroom" to around the world. Beat's speciality is American history, but he also has a big passion for geography, economics, and music. He has a band called Electric Needle Room, which is most known for original indie pop songs about all of the American Presidents. Matt co-hosts an iHeartMedia podcast called Jobsolete. 
Speaking Sessions

A History of Tea in the United States

Looking forward to seeing you

"Why stop at the Boston Tea Party? Mr. Beat will tell you all about the role tea has played at both major and more obscure events throughout American history and look at the effect tea has had on American culture."


Room 7

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