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Dr. Sally Wei

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Sally Wei is an accomplished classical pianist and holds a Doctorate in Musical Arts. As musicians strive for perfection, Sally found equal passions in her enjoyment of tea and is a Certified Tea Sommelier.

Trained in Taiwan and England, Sally embraces these two tea cultures through the philosophy of “Jing Si” (Still Thoughts) in the understanding, preparation and enjoyment of the blessings of Tea.

Sally Wei is an acclaimed speaker and instructor at Tea Events and Festivals throughout N. America and Asia.

Dr. Wei is the Founder of Sally’s Parlor in Santa Rosa, CA from which she hosts tea education events and offers some of the world’s best teas to clients around the USA.

Speaking Sessions

Musicali-Tea: Tea Tasting & Music Appreciation

Looking forward to seeing you

May7th, 2022

Guests who participate in Musicali-TEA classes will learn fundamentals of choosing and brewing high quality teas. Patrons will also taste exclusive artisan-quality hand-picked teas – including premium Taiwanese Oolong and Black varieties, of which Dr. Wei is a recognized expert.

A demonstration of the traditional Chinese Gong Fu Tea or popular Western style brewing will be presented. Attended guests will also be guided through the process of properly brewing and tasting the “tea of the day.” After learning about the tea, guests will then enjoy listening to the carefully chosen music, its musical stories, and historical background.

May 8th, 11:45 AM-12:30 PM

Room 7

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